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The KOC at school, after school junior golf program is the perfect way to introduce your little one(s) to the game of golf. In addition to our regularly scheduled clinics and camps, we will teach your child at their school in a safe, fun and familiar environment. We provide all equipment including clubs specifically designed to fit your child.

The after school classes start within 10-15 minutes of school letting out. The teachers and school administrators are notified and students are instructed to gather in a central location, usually the gymnasium. From there, our instructors will take them out to where the golf practice and playing area is setup. Classes run for an hour and the parents pick up the children afterwards through our sign out process. Any students enrolled in additional after school care programs on campus, will be escorted to those areas by a coach.

In the event of inclement weather, we have arranged with each school, an alternate indoor or sheltered area to conduct the rules, etiquette and putting lessons.


Please click on the following links to view a list of participating schools in your district.

Northeast ISD

Private Schools


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